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This what happens when you forget you are today's blogger

Well what can I say?

Just lucky this beautiful bream photo bombed me at the Bower break I find this happens quite often.


I swam from Shelly today with Edwina and her Masters swimming friend Marie. Our plan was to find an octopus. Edwina most likely spotted one but you'll have to take our word for it. We did see a wobbegong cunningly camouflaged among rocks but I left it alone - plenty of other adoring fans getting up close and personal (not the wobby, not to me - my fans are so low key they are virtually invisible but in my imagination they are very real)

Here are some little fish from the walkway side

PB130008 (2)

And a snapper swimming away from me into the murkiness, although the visibility is improving. We have a week or so of Southerly swell forecast so who knows we may be in for some well deserved good swimming and wandering conditions)

PB130014 (2)

Well that's a pretty poor showing phot wise so here's some from the archive courtesy of Lady Elliot Island, July 2020


because we all love turtles and octopuses



and the ocean of course

Unfortunately the Christmas Party on 7th December is now sold out. If you wish to be added to the waiting list for cancellations, can you please email Ian (
A big g'day mate to our reader Neil from the other side of the ditch. Hope you enjoyed today's effort and thanks for your kind words
What am I listening to? My son is having a bbq for his mates and is setting up as I blog. He is listening to music and a song I like is playing right now. The original is by a band called Bowling For Soup but I do like this cover by Richard Thomson. It's from an album he did a few years ago called 1000 Years of Popular Music (you may also want to check his version of Oops I Did It Again off the same album, also Louis Armstrong's version of it)



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