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I've seen showers and I've seen rain not so sure about sunny days that I thought would never end


The wall was strangely unoccupied and ready for conquest


Moody and unpredictable is this week's weather and conditions theme. Today's Southerly swell gifted us a fairly flat surface but visibility was ordinary at best. Lainey saw a couple of cuttlefish closer to Shelly but the best I could manage was this school of batfish


Normally I would edit my photos to make them look brighter and clearer but today I want to give an accurate view of the conditions. Views over sand rather than rocks or seaweed were murkier still.


Sarah the eternal optimist said it was wonderful at 6am


Cake day. Because.


Everyone I asked said the swim today was lovely. Shaun continues his exponential progress, what a legend. 


If you want to learn what this is about, look at the insta post 




Laughing in the face of a huge monster wave



Momentarily brighter despite the beach closed and possible pollution signs.

Last night I went to the talk about shark nets. I was sad to hear that if a grey nurse shark gets caught in one it's the end for that beautiful creature. They are very delicate and sensitive animals. I always thought they had an anxious, wtf look about them (this is not my photo). I love those sharks and seeing them is always a joy.


What am I listening to? This came up on my music feed recently so I looked up a live version. The brilliant Amy at Glastonbury in 2007, sadly a member of the 27 club

Forecast is for wetness the next 3 or 4 days with hopefully a return to sunshine by Tuesday in preparation for the winter badge season

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