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Pacific Jules



Yesterday I overhead a conversation about appreciation of getting into the ocean - briefly becoming part of something so different to you and so much bigger than you gives you perspective about your place in the universe. In these tough times we are lucky to be able to experience this and wonder whether it matters if we are here at all.

Open water swimming - not only does it facilitate profound introspection, its also damn enjoyable!  You don't even have to be good at it.

Do you reckon these folks might be having a good time?




Point swimmers

Can't say the same for the poor little Mado who ended up as late lunch for a bigger fish

Mado dinner

The PJs are definitely here, hope the 17 degree water isn't too hot for them



Over at the bower I spotted a very tiny orange jellyfish I hadn't seen before 

Orange jellyfish

and over at the wall side, this! Also an extremely tiny creature, and unusual to see in the Bay

Tiny seahorse

You have to give it to this guy for creativity - look at the weight on the right hand side of his weight belt

Weight belt

Yellowtail hopefully making meals of the jimbles
Weight belt

Weight belt

Weight belt

A big volute
Weight belt


Thank you for following public health advice at all times.
This includes physical distancing,
limiting outdoor exercise to no more than two people at a time,
staying within your LGA or 10kms from your home.
Check in and out wherever you go.

What am I listening to?

Last week another music legend celebrated a birthday - Linda Rondstadt. Here's something a bit less rock'n'roll from her

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