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Pacific Jules

4/10/2022 - Murky but Magic!


The water might have been murky/milky/low viz today but the water still felt clean, invigorating and at 17 degrees slightly warmer than the last few weeks. The sun was out and conditions not calm but not dangerous! It was fellow Pommy, Jo Wakeman's birthday today and 'The Mermaids' were out in force. Happy Birthday Jo!


Beautiful sunrise at 6.27am and with daylight savings we don't have to get up really early to see it. (Even though lots of us get up at 5am anyway :-)


A reminder from Ian and Pauline it's the Winter badge ceremony on Sunday 9th October at Royal Far West. The charity Trivia Night is also coming up next Tuesday and even if you were too late to get tickets you could still help by donating silent auction prizes or buying raffle tickets. All proceeds got to charity including RFW, an environmental charity and Nigel Scozzi's Spinal Injury recovery fund.


Barb and some of her friends who recently came back from an amazing Swim Trek in Greece.


A close up of Jo with some Mermaids


So nice to be in the sunshine at Shelly :-)


Not sure of their names but lovely smiles from these two at Shelly


Nicci and Helsy are always smiling too!



Jo got a big splash and birthday song at Shelly and eventually called "let's Go!'


The visibility has been really bad lately but I was pleasantly surprised to see some Gropers and a PJ swimming out from Shelly. I've been helping Tamila and Bibi with a little paid snorkel guiding lately so such a shame there's not been much to see. Look us up on Airbnb Experiences 'Snorkel with a Mermaid'. Also looking for other guides who can work during the week. Let us know!


This male PJ (you can see his claspers ;-) swam really close in to the left hand side coming out of Shelly today. Beautiful!


The ball of yellowtail neat the shed.


A Grey Nurse last week near the shed.

On a sidenote...I’m guiding with Achilles on Saturday 15th October and fundraising for the Fred Hollows Foundation. Achilles is a remarkable organization that pairs visually impaired people with walkers/ runners and I’ve been volunteering with this great group for almost 2 years. Would so appreciate your support!
Support My 34km Challenge to Restore Sight!
Have a fantastic day guys!
Lainey x
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