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Pacific Jules

23/05/2023 - The Rock Star of Ocean Swims


In a newspaper article recently our swim was referred to as 'The Rock Star of Ocean Swims'... Whatever that means we know our swim is pretty special...
For the last couple of weeks conditions have been pretty much perfect! We've had  sunny days, still warmish water temps, relatively calm seas and loads of fish. The fact that over 2o,000 people have swam with us since Julie Isbill started this amazing group in 2008 is huge!Around 100 today on this stunning morning. Sunrise at 6.45am with air temp 11 and rising! Water temp was 18.4


It's another quicky blog for me as off to teach very soon so a bit of this blog has been rehashed from a blog of mine 3 years ago yesterday, if you can tell!


Some of the activity just before 7am. We're all missing the clock on the wall. Come on Manly Council!


I happen to catch Councillor Dave Walton about to swim. He's on to it I'm sure.

In the same article calling us "the rock star of ocean swims' we were referred to as a 'community of souls appreciating nature and a small adventure'. That's a great description. I've been swimming since 2011, blogging since 2012 and every day seems to bring a 'moment of awe'...

Sometimes it can be a chat and laugh with a friend or the chance to see an awesome creature like the Giant Cuttlefish in first photo. Here are some of The Wows before the swim.






The Yellowtail were forming a perfect circle today over the rocks


and there were schools of Silver sweep


Unfortunately there were a few Jimbles and lovely Eleni on the right next to Mike, got one caught in her cozzie. Here she is bravely posing for a photo before realising how badly she'd been stung.


Some of the 'rock stars' of our swim! Frangi aka Jon Howard is playing at the Surf Club on the 9th June. Get your tickets!


And below a few pics from recent swims  of the amazing creatures we come across in this amazing Marine Reserve, Cabbage Tree Bay





 He hangs about between the pool and Shelley. I followed him  watching him change colour and texture. Amazing!  Check this video out https://click


There are still a few Duskies around. What is the greatest amount you've seen in one swim? Comment in blog comments. 60461929_10211804369218633_9073433062104104960_n

This is a lucky close up photo of a Crimson Banded Wrasse which we often see. Love seeing that glimpse of orange and red especially near the bright green sea grass.


This Catfish was pretty close to me the other day too. They aren't my favourite but look at those eyes!


In the same area I saw the Moray Eel too. Another scary looking one!


and to finish... lovely Lucy above. Not in the sky with diamonds the ocean with Yellowtail!

Hope you all enjoyed your swim today and post and pre swim chats! MSLC are starting up Friday nights drinks with a band again and all B&B ers are welcome to attend starting from Friday week, 2nd June from 5pm. Come along!

Winter swimming

The Winter swimming season is finally here! Although the water temperature may be a little colder than you might like, there are several advantages of swimming in winter, including flat seas, good visibility and no bluebottles. Perhaps the biggest advantage is that you can also qualify for a WINTER BADGE by swimming a minimum of 20 times between 1st June and 31st August. You must also swim in at least 7 different weeks. If you manage to do all of your qualifying swims without a wetsuit (or other thermal enhancing equipment), you will also qualify for the coveted WWW badge (Winter Without Wetsuit). Start now, and don’t forget to log your swims to qualify. If you don’t know how to log your swims, contact Ian ([email protected])

Signing off



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