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Pacific Jules

Tuesday 21/05/2024 - Miguel returns, Viz improves and Cuttlefish sightings!


A great swim today with clearer water, a calm bay and Cuttlefish sightings! Our fellow swimmer, celebrity chef Miguel was also back from The Maldives where he went for work (alright for some). Here he is with the cool and kind Drinks Express!


Not a good shot as the water  did get cloudier towards Shelly but Dave and Shelly with one of the Giant Cuttlefish seen quite close to Shelly beach this morning.

With arms and tentacles extended they can be 1 metre in length. There are some huge males around at the moment and its mating season so if you hang around with them you might get to see some interesting action!






Wobbegong and Cuttlefish swimming along beside you, what more could you want? I'd love to see a turtle but haven't seen one for a while...but a few swimmers and divers have, so Brownie and Teddy are still around.



Unfortunately Billy Tatts has passed away at the grand old age of 94 (we think). His funeral is at St Matts next Tuesday. Guy drew him beautifully this morning on the wall (in his younger days) RIP Billy

Have a great day folks. If you're near St Matts church tomorrow it's the last day of the 'Happy Cafe' run by Head High. Try and pop along to support them between 11 and 2pm


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