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Ocean Swimming

Night Rain – Clear Morning

If you live in Manly you probably heard the down pour last night.  At 3 am it was really coming down and still quite heavy with lightning and loud thunder at 4am.  As has happened recently, I found that the rain stops right before I leave for my daily swim. When I arrived at the beach at 6, there were very few clouds – hard to believe it had been pouring and hour ago!

P4082461 (2)

The conditions were better today than Monday and Tuesday. The water was clearer but still some Rhizostoma pulmo or barrel jellyfish. I counted 14 on my swim, they are more towards the middle, so stay on the scenic route near the walkway and you should be fine.

. P4082472 (2) - Copy
P4082472 (2) - Copy

A photo of the other Dawn Crackers swimming at 6 am.

P4082463 (2)

The conditions over the Easter long weekend were amazing, and the duskies have been everywhere! Below are a few photos from the last week, I was one of the fortunate to see the fever of rays on 2 days – such an amazing sight. 

Link to Dusky Video

P4022345 (2)
P4022345 (2)
P4022345 (2)

link to fever of rays video


Hard to believe it was raining a few hours ago with these skies!

P4082469 (2)

Have a great day!


adge Collection – plus Caps and New Swimmers sign-up

Missed out on the Badge Ceremony? Never fear, on Saturday 10th April your B&B volunteer helpers will be at the benches (100 m north of the surf club, weather permitting) from 8 am until 9 am with all the Summer Badges for collection ($10 each – cash only).

We will also have the following items on the day:

  • 2020 Winter badges for sale (Covid Challenge and Ice Cold Corona) at $10 each, distance badges (500 km, 1000 km, 2000 km) and last year's summer badges - $10 each (cash only please bring the correct money)
  • silicone swimming caps ready for winter - $15 each (cash only please bring the correct money)
  • latex caps (free) if you have broken/lost yours or have friends/family who have just started swimming

Any new swimmers who have started swimming over the summer period are invited to sign up on the day and receive their free B&B latex cap.

If you can’t make it on the 10th you can get your badges by mail as follows:

  1. Inside a self-addressed, stamped envelope place cash for your badge/s - $10 per badge for the Covid Summer Badge (if you completed 30 swims over Summer) and an extra $10 for the Corona Super Swimmer Badge (if you completed 50 swims). The Manly-Shelly Triple badge is also available for $10. Family members/friends sharing an envelope must clearly name each swimmer and badge achieved. Please check postage rates and size of envelope required for multiple badges.
  1. Post this envelope in another envelope to Ian Forster, 6 Bligh St, Northbridge. 2063.
Bold and Beautiful is owned and operated by Bold and Beautiful Swim Squad Pty Ltd.

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