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Wednesday 20th October - Wanderlust wednesday - Adventures await!

Wednesday 20th October - wanderlust wednesday!   Today was surprisingly full of adventurous tales - perhaps not surprising actually as overseas and interstate travel are fast moving from a dream to a reality!     There is nothing like feeling the crisp salty spray (pictured) from the ocean to whet your appetite for adventures..... 


Water temp: 17.1 (pretty much same out of the water!)

Conditions: Pancake flat, Vis "OK", bit of weed around (the sea kind, that is)

Vibe: generally happy that the sun was shining, the water inviting and smiles all around

creatures: one jimble reported, rays, groupers & aPJs (not mating)

Initially I wasnt sure if I had my blogging day wrong - so i had to make a call to find out ... (and yes, it was my blogging day)


Kenny, Roger, Patrick and Simon are very adventurous and due to the near perfect conditions, swam at 5:30 & 6am - they frequently say "Hi "to the boat that checks the shark nets!   Patrick is one of our "Bronze medallion" class and took the opportunity of flat water & small waves to practice on the rescue board with Kenny.  Last weekend was the first time some of us had even seen rescue boards - after 2 mornings of varying adventures above, in and below the water, we were all sporting "badges" in the form of cuts, abrasions & soreness so a LOT of practice was recommended so we can all be useful patrolling members!    We saw 2 dolphins yesteday as we finished our "dry land" resucitation training - despite Patricks requests, the dolphins did not return this morning... 


From yesterday evening - 2 dolphins adventuring very close to shore for an evening meal! 


Tatiana loved her swim - her adventures took her on the scenic route and she saw a Ray and loads of fish


Welcome back Mel and Clementine ! returned from lockdown adventures away from Manly and very happy to be swimming again!   


Greg, Peter and Peter (sans wetsuit) have been swimming for years, and in Greg (self described "shivering person" and Peters case proudly WITH wetsuits all winter and until the water warms up.  They are always respectful of the water but they love the adventure - each day they sensibly take note of the "dangerous current" sign, observing the conditions before adventuring in for their swim.  Peter (sans wetsuit) saw a single jimble on his swim and stayed well clear - jimble kisses are not a pleasant adventure. 


Marnie and Lara are regulars to the swim and love adventuring around the bay and other longer distance swim adventures around Australia and the world in exotic acquatic playgrounds.  Lara also makes the "LOLL" towel robes which quite a few people wear (they are very practical - i have 2 of them!) and raises lots of money for cancer charities including Can-Too.  


Speaking of longer distance swim adventures - Karen and Pierre are part of the community.  Karen regularly swims double and triple Manly - Shelly and hopes to complete some distance swimming events this summer.  Pierre started his distance swimming journey with a 2km swim that became a 5km swim that became a 10km Bondi to watsons Bay swim (solo) & Rottnest island swim (solo) & in June 2019 became the English Channel (solo & the first crossing of that season) and in August 2019 the Northern Island to Scotland Channel swim (solo) - the last two in 13 degree water!!!      He has his own Youtube channel (worth a look!) and we are eagerly awaiting his next swim adventures!   Fun fact - he practiced cold water immersion using a chest freezer (as an ice bath) in his back yard! That is a great example of the preparation that is required to swim the channels!! 


Popcorn eagerly awaited her coffee - that in itself is an adventure for her...


Chance wasnt sure where his coffee adventures would come from today - his human on the beach side or me on the promenade side?


Have a wonderful wanderlust wednesday everyone - breathe in the salty air, infuse vitamin sea, stay safe, stay sane, stay kind and stay positive as we "open up" and navigate the road to what will be our "new normal".

take care,


Winter Badge Collection 2021 - a reminder!  

The Winter badges are finally on their way! Congratulations to all those who completed their Covid-19 winter swimming challenge. As more than 500 swimmers qualified, the badge distribution this year will initially be via snail mail to maintain a Covid-safe environment for our volunteers. Unfortunately, only virtual handshakes and hugs from Ian, John, Anne and Pauline and contact-less distribution.
There are two ways you can obtain your badge(s)

  • Method 1. Inside a self-addressed, stamped envelope place cash for your badge/s - $10 per badge for the Winter Badge (if you completed 20 swims over winter) and an extra $10 for the WWW Badge if you did those swims without a wetsuit. Family members/friends sharing an envelope must clearly name each swimmer and badge achieved. Please check postage rates and size of envelope required for multiple badges. Post this envelope in another envelope to Ian Forster, 6 Bligh St, Northbridge. 2063.  
  • Method 2. Wait until Covid restrictions on gathering are relaxed. We will then arrange a time for you to collect your badges from us in person. No promises when this will be but it may be when the vaccination rate reaches 80%.

Badges will be posted as soon as they arrive. If you have any other badges that you are missing and wish to purchase, please include cash for those as well.
















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