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Bold & Beautiful

June 19, 2021 A blog about nothing and everything

Up with the birds


Winter surfers


Bed or Beach the winter quandary, the never ending "will I or won’t I?". The blog drove me from the warm sheets to the cool sand, to greet a gorgeous winter morning. A few less people than average, swimmers and surfers,  some meditating some sand running. Subtle colours in the sky, changing almost imperceptibly as the morning light comes. After another magnificent Manly morning, with cool waters and warm smiles,  I reflect that the answer to "will I?", should always be "I will".

The boardwalk goes from almost silent to the chatter of the brave. Watching the day come alive is a treat.

The 6.30 crew celebrated Jens significant birthday with a tunnel, a song and the comment ‘She’s still kicking A’ in the early crew. A goal for us all.


A young man happy for the winter holidays scampers in to do the chilly dance we all do getting into the water this time of year.
Today's  Cammeray winter crew Annie, Belinda and Jackie ready for their cold water immersion.


Happy Saturday, enjoy the weekend. 

Water temp 17

Clarity : bitsy 

the B&B continues to operate informally.

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