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Wednesday 14th April - which season are we? wintery nights, Autumn mornings, summer days...

Wednesday 14th April....  

April is sometimes confusing - which season are we in?  with todays forecast being a summery 30 degrees today, there is a pronounced autumn chill in the air after another cold, clear night (where stars shine bright).  the dawn sky lights up with hues of red & orange & pink & yellow whilst on earth, leaves have started to change colour to earthy tones of rust, red, orange, brown to camouflage against the ground they fall onto..... creating piles of fun for kids, dogs, and big kids alike.

For anyone who attended last nights B&B dinner, the amazing Corinne McDevitt delivered a thought provoking presentation on human emotions, and about "returning to happy"... just like today where we don't really know which season we are in, we experience a mix of happiness, anger, sadness & fear to some degree every day.  Corinne provided insights learned from astronauts - focusing on acknowledging the "needs" of each of the emotions to enable us to "return to happy".   For example, using exercise to channel anger, rather than directing it at someone, normally the one/s you love most.    Swimming is one of those sports where all of the emotions can be present - happiness & joy for the friendships, being in nature, seeing so much sea life; sadness & a sense of loss when we see evidence of us humans destroying the marine environment, using the exercise to channel anger, and fear for waves, stingy jellyfish or unfriendly sharks.    Its sometimes hard but acknowledging how we are feeling is an important starting point.  Thanks so much Corinne for enlightening us (you can probably see Corinnes details on the B&B website), and to Michael for your bulls-eye accuracy in "delivering" the chocolate prizes!    definitely food for thought in more ways than one!  and a HUGE thanks to Ian and Bluewater for hosting a wonderful B&B community evening - my first and it wont be my last!   my learning -  book early to avoid Fear of missing out, get there early to avoid sadness at not sitting with friends, but finding happiness at meeting new ones! 

water temperature - a summery 

air temperature - autumnal 

conditions - 

and thats why Autumn is a mixed bag but a fabulous season to swim in Sydney!  




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