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Tuesday 18/1/2022 - Charity Cake Stall coming up/Rippy Swim


2 important announcements below! Cake stall on Saturday for Careflight and chance to volunteer at Cole Classic!

After Drinksy's brother Mark Drinkwater had a terrible accident...  he was transported by the Careflight chopper on 20th Feb 2021.We are raising funds for Careflight to say thank you for their role in helping him make a full recovery. As part of that fundraiser we're having a Cake Stall on Australia Day Wednesday 26th January! (Note Date edited due to a huge surf carnival) Please remember to bring some cash and if you could make a slice, muffins or something tasty to sell would be fantastic! Thank you  

The Cole Classic is coming up and the Surf Club needs volunteers to help on Bags and registration. If any swimmers could volunteer a few hours it would be greatly appreciated. Everyone gets a free t.shirt and (covid pending - a free drink in the bar post event). Please click on link!


Some of the Drinks Express above, Jan, Drinks, Frangi and Simon. A few got scraped on the rocks this morning. It was a bit calmer than the last few days but still very rippy.


Lifesavers closed the beach at 7 and asked us to go from halfway unless very proficient in surf.



I went from Shelly and viz was better than expected. Anne had seen a Grey Nurse and Lucy a Turtle! I only saw an Eagle Ray and Yellowtail. I did see Penny and Pete's beautiful grandaughter Finley on the way to Shelly though. Together at at last after numerous flight cancellations and wrecked holiday plans :-(



A few swam the harbour and they could have seen Octopus or Seahorses there. ( I did yesterday)

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 11.56.21 am

Drinksey and his brother Mark who nearly lost his life if it wasn't for Careflight. Please remember Cake Stall from 7-9.30am Saturday and if you could donate a slice to sell would be amazing!

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 12.25.07 pm

Just realised it's our founder's birthday today! Jules Isbill is celebrating her birthday in WA. We have a lot to thank her for...this amazing, inclusive, welcoming swim! Have a great day Jules!


Lainey xx


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