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Wednesday 15th November - 6.5 weeks until the end of the year!


Wednesday 15th November - 2 weeks until Summer (and the summer badge blast commences)), 4 weeks until the B&B Xmas party, 6.5 weeks to go for this year and holiday time!   Seems like everyone and everything is "feeling it" from the weather to swimmers to canines and felines and everyone & everything in between.   Even the dreaded jimbles are becoming (thankfully) lazy and perhaps they are refusing to muster up to terrify us, with one or two eager beavers making up for the rest (as some of our swimmers found out today!)?   


todays conditions:

water temp - balmy 20.3 (however, neoprene is still very much visible!)

air temp at 7am - 22.8!!!  summer is coming!  

Conditions - feels like even the water is waiting for this year to end,  a few lacklustre waves, a bit of a lacklustre swell, and fairly good visibility

Vibe - bring on the holidays!


Its Kara's birthday so the Drinks Express celebrated with cake of course



These energetic mermaids Petra, Susie, Simone & Tracey had a lovely energising swim, Petra and Tracey after running and Simone after a sensational sail last night, crewing to another podium!  


Robby and Lindsay were looking forward to a sea immersion to energise them


WOWs Georgina, Debbie, Fiona and Clare were all smiles after their immersion, and Debbie was gallantly smiling after her jimble kiss !


susu, Steph & Leah weren’t feeling it this morning however they were glad they went out !


Barbie enjoyed her daily morning walk along the beachfront, looking stylish in new rain attire!


as always, be safe, stay kind, look after each other, look out for each other & have a wonderful Wednesday!






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