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Saturday, 02 February 2019


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Edwina Harrison

Nice blog , Ian the poohbar 😂 , great nickname 👍


I love that non dyalb song. Fine end to a fabulous blog

Shelley K

A wise blog, more memorable for the addition of music's great sage and poet, the oft neglected Non Dyalb.
Elizabeth and I share a reverence for Non Dyalb and even have matching merch purchased at his latest go-round here last year. Although as far as this particular track goes, an extra cup of coffee or two may have provided oomph. The chalk face is a good look.
Those hound dog eyes!


Thanks to the 6k swimmers today who made the morning fun and team spirited!!

ian the slowest

a very enjoyable blog for an absentee to read and get a feel for many aspects of today's session.
Swimmers' recovering arms at sea look like distant Loch Ness monsters: a long neck with a small head.

One More cup of Coffee was one of my old fav tracks from Blood on the Tracks CD which was a studio version. Your version is also a beauty that I will listen to again. I had forgotten how much I liked it. Thanks!


I’m reading the bog at 10.20 pm Saturday night after a few beers but loved it. You’re quite a story teller Anne. Thank you.


I'm also a big fan of Non Dyalb and thought his turn at the Enmore was epic. Reading enviously of your merch purchase, Elizabeth and Shelley. The merch counters and surrounding crowds always put me off. I invariably walk away and invariably regret it later.

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