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Saturday, 12 January 2019


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Shelley K

I confer the glory upon you Anne, both for blogging and for the 6K. On the other hand, I could have done without the Wiggles.


Superb blog Anne


Congratulations everyone on their 6km and especially Anne who managed to blog at the same time. Legend. Supporters on shore were a little worried when the mist appeared but were reassured when you all appeared on land again. Well done all.

Edwina harrison

Great story today thanks anne , always get a giggle too 💖

Lucy C

Great blog Anne! Great photos too as always!

 ian the slowest

Shelley, we usually watch the high-brow version with the Melb Symph Orchestra; a beauty. My grand children are honing swim drills in the living room while standing face to face with Wiggles.

 ian the slowest

Anne, another excellent blog.
It was a lovely day for the 6km swim. A thick fog adds some special atmosphere to it and the photos captured that. Almost as thick as the fog on Fri 4 Feb.
A few purists swam to FINA rules with nothing more than costume, goggles and cap.
Our 4 man caboose got left behind and stopped for some chats including with a swimmer (from Durban) who had come from Sth Curl Curl to Nth Steyne.
Some bluey stings looked bad but only a few happened luckily. I didn't see any at all during the swim

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