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Thursday, 17 January 2019


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Sue Marinan

Ok Pete, I’ll be the first to comment on your blog. Well Done!! I’m sure I’ve read the blog overseas but can’t remember where!! 😩😩 I do read it every day even if I don’t swim.
Balgowlah 2093. Bondi. Cheers. X

Luce Things

Hi Pete, I try and read it as often as I can but do go for periods of time where I don't seem to get a chance. I mostly read it from computer at home. Sadly not a 2095 local but not too far away at 2063! Keep up the great work!


I love reading the daily blogs! Don’t always comment but do always read them...

Toni Wood

I always read and like the blog - 2204.


I swam this morning, and regularly read the blog. Came all the way from 2040, that is at least 15km from Manly....

Anne E

OK, Pete. Today from 2060. But previously from Broken Hill, Alice Springs, Tasmania, Midlothian, Virginia, LA, New Zealand, Peru, Chandagrah, India. Basically it’s on my daily reading list no matter where I am including Parramatta. Shout out to all bloggers. Just keep feeling the invisible love!

Patricia Duffy

I always read the blog, part of my daily routine no matter where I am. Currently reading from my hotel room in NYC where I am for work and it's freezing and I'm missing the swims!

Danny Lucas

I read it daily from wherever. Always when on holidays as well. Last year was keeping in touch while in Cambodia and Vietnam. At the moment I’m reading from Corlette in Port Stephens area.

Jenny McTackett

I read the blog every day too. Mostly from home in San Francisco, to see what I’m missing, and from manly when I’m here and actually swimming.

Jon C

Keep on bloggin’!! 😀 2000


It’s emailed to my Dad Trevor, in Knowle near Birmingham UK and it’s the first thing he reads each morning B91 3LJ! I’ve read it in Turkey, Greece, UK, Holland, NZ and Bali this year! Good idea for a blog Pete! It’s great for us bloggers to hear that’s its read and enjoyed 😊


Sorry Pete. I didn’t read it.
North Curl Curl 2099


Right now 2217 at work (thanks for brightening up my day), but have read it from further afield.
Vavau, Tonga
Abu Dhabi
Go on, call me a wanker


Was inspired to start swimming B&B from reading the blog whilst in the UK!
Read it nearly every day even if I didn’t swim that day. Always entertaining and informative.
Thank you bloggers. Freshy 2096

Edwina harrison

Omg 😮 I’m glad you wrote that 👍

Edwina harrison

I’m so glad you remembered this pete 👍


I read it in the toilet

richard lacey

On the Throne 2094


Long bay jail inspires me to break out one day and come and swim wiv youse


Pete, always feel the loving vibes from us all! Thx for great blogs x

HK, no postcode!!


2065 today but have read it from the Netherlands before!


I was recently in Jordan and read the blog. I always do wherever I am. Good blog Pete!

Melissa Simpson

I read it as I plan for my next B&B swims. Enjoy the updates. 2047

Michele Franks

Currently 2095 but have read it in New York, the Bahamas, Niagara Canada, New Zealand,
Bali, Perth , Greece, Dubai, India , South Africa , Botswana, Zimbabwe , LA , Seattle, Perisher,
Whistler Canada, Budgewoi , Newcastle, Vail Colorado .Frenchs Forest
On the ferry to the city ....

Love the blog...2046...the Inner West of Sydney town


2099 and read it when I can


Just for you Pete... Palau 🇵🇼 96940

Pete Anthony

First in Sue but probably not a winner...

Pete Anthony

Hi Luce… I love 2095 but that's not the winning entry...

Pete Anthony

Hi Matt... better than 2095 but we need somewhere away from Australia mate


Checking in from the 'burbs #2119
Thanks Pete
PS nice comment count!


And Dapto

Pete Anthony

...Peru is a finalist... stay tuned..

Pete Anthony

...Patricia NYC is a finalist

Pete Anthony

Thanks Danny … but Cambodia may be too close to Manly...

Pete Anthony

Thanks Jenny San Fran is a finalist...

Pete Anthony

Thanks Jon..



Pete Anthony

Hi Lainey... Birmingham is definitely a finalist..

Pete Anthony

… thanks Anne...maybe Portugal is in the early lead...

Pete Anthony

… this is all your fault Edwina...:)

Pete Anthony

may you be dethroned...

Pete Anthony

...this Throne is a popular place...

Pete Anthony

… not guilty of that one...


43 + comments - that is a RECORD !! .. i think I had 30 once...

Pete Anthony

Hi Sara …we miss you Sara...

Pete Anthony

….Netherlands is a bit too close Josie... ^only 16,619k away

Pete Anthony

Hi Jeff... Jordan is a bit too local mate

Dory Johns

Canberra 2606

Pete Anthony

...thanks Melissa...

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