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Sunday, 27 January 2019


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Fabulous blog Thunderbird. I particularly like Mary's rendition of L'aqua Swan Lake. Brilliant. Thank you.

Sue Marinan

A Brilliant blog. Yeah!!! Greg said, ‘this is a fantastic work of art.’
We both loved the song. Well Done Mr S!!!! This has got to be a stayer. Love it!! 👍👍
A winner. 👏👏👏 xx


No words except bloody brilliant

Shelley K

A great improvement on the official anthem IMHO. Plus you can lie down and wave your arms and legs around for this one.
And hard to keep improving on your previous blogs but you seem to manage it...thanks Mr T

Lucy C

Excellent! Just excellent! Thanks for the entertainment Mr T!

Michael S

Thanks Robyn, her performance was so graceful it bought tears to my eyes.

Michael S

Thanks Sue. I had not heard the song until Stephen coulter sent it to me. It was perfect

Michael S

Thanks Anne.

Michael S

Thank you so much. With talent like you guys to rely upon it makes it easy.

Michael S

Thanks Lucy. I just hope it meets the approval of our Sunday blogmaster Gemma. She is running a really tight ship since she seized control. Nothing so far which really concerns me as I didn't pass it by her for approval before publishing.


Sorry for the lateness, Michael - been away for the weekend! Awesome blog (thank goodness after last Sunday’s flaky effort) and how did Mary manage to get everywhere?! I might even let you blog again if you keep up this standard.


Years of blog tarting training under the meister Rainer, Gemma. And that particular dance move was the glide of the eagle ray. Performed as Michael had just missed seeing this graceful creature because he was explaining to some random (but not award winning ransoms), that the rip was knarly so be careful.


I just saw this- don’t know how I missed it! Awesome blog 👏🏼👏🏼 Love the song too!! VLOGs for the win!!


Thanks Jac. The song was written about 7 years ago. Steven Coulter posted on Facebook an old BnB video that had exactly the same music that I wanted to use the coming Sunday. I told him so he sent me that track. If you ever want it I can send it to you. We just need to credit the guy who wrote it.

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