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Tuesday, 01 January 2019


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Oh no Michael. Appreciate the time and effort you put in to it, on New Years Day too. We know it would have been a good one. Happy New Year to all swimmers x

Shelley K

What a pity Facey can't block some Fakenews occasionally

Edwina harrison

Thanks for trying to blog mike 👍🥰

Anna McBold

Yay, Michael! What a beauty! Well done xx

Sheena O'Beirne

Brilliant blog. What a huge effort, well done!


A new version is posted


A new version is posted


A new version is posted.
Such a fine performance by you, I couldn't let it go to waste.


Thank you. The amended version finally made it.


Thank you. The amended version finally made it.

Sue Marinan

Yahooooooo!! Well Done Mike. Very entertaining!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
Lots of time and effort put into that one!!! X

Edwina Harrison

I love vlogs , thanks. Considering the weird night last night you did a great job 😂👍


You missed my “birthday” geez
Apart from that great vlog. Perfect even

Shelley K

Your creative genius does justice to the friendships, frivolity and fun yet again! Thanks Mr Bird


Gorgeous, heart-warming vlog. Fantastic Michael. Love Mike Stacey’s photo bomb at end and the dusty, hungover swimmers at beginning especially!


Thank you. Not a good idea for a New Years Day.


Poor Janet.. she even bought down cake for her birthday and you stole her happy birthday and let’s go. She was devastated. Well almost.


My absolute pleasure. Thank you for being a starring part of it.


Thanks Lainey.


Marvellous, Michael! You are the glue that binds the B&B. Mr Stacey’s photo bomb/splash combo is going to take some beating but I’m sure others will rise to the challenge for bomb of the year.


Best blog EVA! Maybe you’ll be remembered for this instead of Tinder Jo😜


Great Blog/blog!!



Rozzy G

Loved the vlog! Brought a smile to my face and made me excited for 2019!!

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