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Friday, 04 January 2019


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Shelley K

Spookiest swim ever. The last coupla weeks have presented many swimming I felt like a lost crew member of the Marie Celeste. Hope we didn't lose any swimmers this morning, some were seen veering off course.
A jam packed blog as usual, thanks Elizabeth.

The Submarine

It was an interesting swim back from Queensie at 7am. Luckily I could navigate by staying just outside the line of surfers, as you couldn't see the usual landmarks like Nth Steyne Clubhouse, the Trident or the Pantry. The only thing you could make out on land were the shadows of the pine trees. Definitely spooky.


I used to work with Mario! What a small world.
Great photos of the mist. An additional challenge for those of us with no sense of direction in the water


And what do you think about changing the Summer badges to Spring-summer badges?


Wow. That is a small world

The Submarine

I would vote for all year round, but that's just me :-)
Maybe Summer-Autumn, as the water stays warm through to the beginning of winter

Shelley K

Love it. Someone with clout could take the concept to Management, maybe while they're still in their summer stupor...also, best time for a Bolderdash is winter, surely?

ian the slowest

I crossed paths in the fog with a small bunch who seemed to be coming back from NZ.
I agree: a real beaut blog.

That's the thickest fog I've ever seen at B and B.

ian the slowest

another badge could be for my swim today on the homeward lap: R-2-R, ie ramp to ramp without touching bottom anywhere between the Shelly and Manly ramps. It's a high tide swim only.
If it's the first R-2-R, my time of 19m 31s (in fog and included chats) is slow and can be chopped heaps by someone. - I just remembered: we don't time swims for competition so I will keep it as a PB until I have another go at it.


Swimming is individual and getting a badge is something of a goal you set for yourself so it seems to me that year round should be ok too. So maybe Swimming Badges instead of the current summer

Wot Elizabeth said re badges...a la Girl Guides/Boy Scouts #BadgeRevolution

Edwina harrison

I love that idea Elizabeth 👍😍


Great ideas re badges.
My new club in Oxford has taken the badge idea and run with it. I’m working towards my Oxford cold and beautiful badge - 20 swims under 10 deg C!
Fab blog Elizabeth and the swim looked spooky.

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