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Saturday, 29 December 2018


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Edwina harrison

Love macro photos! Certainly was colder today


Anne. That is a blog with everything. I am interested in the temperature as I too thought it was cold out there. I wonder at the “yesterdays blogger” label and meaning. Is that like John Paul Young’s yesterday’s hero? The young swimmer with Peter (who set off for a 6km. Today ) is Emily. As usual your fish photos are superb. I could not see anything at all today. But I am so glad for the management instruction to everyone to swim to the right from Shelly Beach and then anti clockwise. On days when there is no instruction it is just bedlam

Shelley K

'it was a shelley kind of day' and 'the word was definitely shelley'. I can only concur


Beautiful marine shots Anne!


Great photo of you and Elizabeth!


Ah Inge Im so sorry I missed out on putting in your photo!!

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