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Thursday, 01 November 2018


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My beef is that my photo bomb of the day is missing in action!

I only hope the sharks are properly informed that these are the guys with real Beef! As for Sterls - if he can't navigate the rocks in super-calm waters after a 1000kms of doing so, what hope is there? xx


Great Bolderdash conditions today! Highly recommended, especially for those like Peter who like a break from the fish!

Shelley K

Highly nutritious blog, could only have been improved with more shirts off. I feel my red blood cell count has risen substantially (not to mention my blood pressure) Thanks Pete


warra load of Bull

Edwina harrison

Well done you! I love the fish and the beef. 🐠🐂

Pete Anthony

Sorry LDA your photo came out sideways....:(

Pete Anthony

Thanks Mate...great shot of you and Storchy

Pete Anthony

Hey Edwina...and I like both Country and Western music...:)


Instead of talking about the fish, why don’t we eat them? Delicious bream sashimi, or kingfish, of wrasse or whatever? Even those love cuttlefish, or squid (they are so good on the BBQ), Swimming across the bay makes me hungry. :-)


I’m wet.. from the swim of course 😘

Pete Anthony

Sounds like a plan

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