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Sunday, 04 November 2018


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Suzie P

Haha love it! :)


Great blog Jac. Also hate your blogs, it makes it so much harder for us other bloggers to live up to your new set standard.


Love it!!!

PS: A lttle bit insulted you mistook someone else's legs for mine. I bet they were a mediocre pair of legs with none of the unique attributes that make my legs so great.

Rosemary Scog

What a fun vlog! I love the apology at the end...although, I reckon you made his day Jacs x

Jac Shell

I wasn’t wearing my contact lenses. Your legs are like no other! I will get it right next time.. look out!

Jac Shell

It’s so much easier to vlog! Takes me half the time haha so it’s pure laziness really haha


Love this!


VLog winner! Such a talent Jac! Maybe Rainer could change his name to Lips n Legs 🤔

Sue Marinan

Well done Jac. Really enjoyed watching this. Puts a different slant on the blog. You clever thing!!
👍👍 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️

Lisa B

Jac that was brilliant! I love your vlogs! They show very clearly the fabulous joy of our swim!

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