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Monday, 22 October 2018


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Edwina harrison

Nice photos 👍


nice post


I've just delved into the link you posted and must say I agree with it 100%.
I've been having some work stress and haven't been to see Doctor E for a few months. Made it back 3 weeks ago. One treatment in, the stress is still there but my response to it has changed - patterns of stress adjusted.
This stuff works.

Andrew aka MagicHands

Thanks Anne,
It's great to hear when people get it. Especially in a world where many seem to only value superficial, instant gratification.

Yes, it works. That's why I've dedicated my life to providing this unique, gentle technology so people on the Northern Beaches can benefit.

Specifically targeting and resolving the body's conditioned responses to stress provides a perceptual freedom that opens up new worlds.

Also, because society is based on a collective perception, it has a knock-on effect beyond the individual. When you change yourself in this manner, you change the world. So thank you for doing the work.

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