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Thursday, 02 August 2018


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Fabulous blog Dea. You really did manage to gather some of the best Lesbubbs photos!

Shelley K

Excellent blog and wrap-up of the birthday girl's many fine qualities (although you left out her hip stylin' trends and quirky grooming preferences). How can such a doll be single? It defies reason. I'd turn for you Lesbubs. Happy birthday.
Thanks Dee!


lol thanks Dea I am sure they'll come running now you've sold me so well on the blog!! :-O OMG!

Deanna Waters

You love and deserve all the attention LesBubs - I am sure we will find you a man. They will, however, have to be put through their B&B paces before taking you out on a date!!


Thanks Shells..
and ‘quirky grooming preferences’ will definitely bring the lads running
.. u made it sound like i dont wash .. 🤪


Love your hilarious comments too! Come and see me if you want me to arrange a date with Lesbubbs, somewhere quiet and intimate like Manly Boatshed maybe!
We’re having a Cake Stall on Saturday in aid of the Aussie farmers. Please bring something to sell or/and money to buy please!

Deanna Waters

Lainey, I would have thought Wharf Bar would be more appropriate so we could coordinate regular walk-bys and an exit strategy if required!!

Shelley K

Lucky no one reads the blog comments eh?



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