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Thursday, 26 July 2018


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Great blog and don't we love the earlier sunrises


I know the sun was behind me, AND I am in the dark..AND I am guessing some photoshopping / and Ian is look smooth too.... BUT I gotta say that is the BEST photo eva of me Dee! :-D


Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the ones where you pull funny faces, have snot running down your nose, and show off that frizzy grey hair of yours..

Deanna Waters

I still think I can do better - so don't think you're off the hook yet LesBubs. And as for Lips, apparently he is the only blogger that manages to fog up the inside of the camera!!!!


Oh that's a low blow Deanna! I treat the camera the way I treat my subjects, with professional respect and courtesy. And I rinse it after the swim in rose water. And pat it dry with a soft velvet cloth.


Wish we could post photos in comments as I’ve got some shocking... I mean stunning ones if you Lesbubbs! Lovely blog Dea 😊

Shelley K

Nits must love us, head-to-head transfer must be heaven

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